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Specialising in bioinformatics, structural biology and chemogenomics disciplines, we license world class software on behalf of renowned academic research groups and also offer contract research and consultancy services. 

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Based in the UK we are in easy reach of London, Cambridge and Oxford. For more details see the section below.

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Also, if you have heard a presentation about abYsis by Professor Andrew Martin originator of the abYsis antibody analysis system and want to receive a copy of the slides, please use the form on this page.

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Our UK Location

Near Burghley House, home of Sir William Cecil, Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I of England, between 1558 and 1587.


Key Systems & Software

See our Products pages for a complete listing and full details


  • Commercial version of abYsis antibody system for analysing proprietary antibody sequences.

  • Install behind your firewall or in your private cloud infrastructure

  • Upload and analyse bulk DNA and Protein sequences.

  • Robust, automated, antibody numbering and CDR assignment

  • Investigate frameworks, loops, humanness, atypical residues and more.

  • Analyse your high value proprietary data within a consistent statistical framework.

  • Built on world famous abYsis technology


  • The original software for 2D representations of Ligand - Binding site interactions.

  • Uniquely analyse selectivity with detailed comparisons of homologous binding site interactions.

  • Analyse distant homologues with comparable binding sites by uploading a structure based sequences alignment


  • Commercial version of PDBsum system.

  • Storing and analysing high value protein structure and ligand-complex data internally.

  • Install behind your own firewall or in your private cloud infrastructure

  • Disseminate to colleagues using familiar tools

  • Promotes internal collaboration with researchers from other groups including chemoinformaticians, medicinal chemists, biologists

  • Based on world famous PDBsum system.